Pelton turbines

particularly suited to the mountain environment

Some of our references (please scroll down):

TPH= Horizontal Pelton; TPV=Vertical Pelton; ETW = Stainless steel for drinking water

(Name / customer, gradient, turbine power, type, delivery date)

INZING Überwasser, 162m, 14KW, Austria, TPV1, 2016

INZING Almquellen, 864m, 279KW, Austria, TPH1, 2016

Flaurling, 630m, 190,57KW, Austria, TPH1, 2016

Kalte Kendl, 395m, 50,98KW, Austria, TPH1, 2016

Kofleralm, 238m, 9,22KW, Italy, TPH1, 2015

Izberovic, 92m, 287KW, Serbia, TPV4, 2015

Kerschaum 1, 463m, 200KW, Austria, TPH1, 2015

Kerschbaum 2, 286m, 124KW, Austria, TPH1, 2015

Koralm 2, 217m, 133KW, Austria, ETW-TPH1, 2015

Hirschbrunnerbach, 596m, 512KW, Italy, TPH2, 2015

Palüdbach 2, 63m, 417KW, Austria, TPV5, 2015

Buchboden, 607m, 402KW, Austria, TPH1, 2014

Steinbach, 375m, 380KW, Italy, TPH2, 2014

Le Mase, 500m, 37KW, Italy, ETW-TPH1, 2014

Überwasserbach, 333m, 796KW, Italy, TPV4, 2014

Pension Oberstock, 354m, 76KW, Italy, TPH1, 2013

Mitterbach, 215m, 322KW, Italy, TPV4, 2013

Aberstückl 2, 321m, 980KW, Italy, TPH2, 2012

Gemeinde Vintl, 600m, 311KW, Italy, ETW-TPH1, 2012

St. Peter, 125m, 774KW, Italy, TPV6, 2012

Stadtwerke Bruneck, 211m, 76KW, Italy, ETW-TPH1, 2012

Gasthof Enzianhütte, 118m, 52KW, Italy, TPH2, 2012

Castlunger Paolina, 131m, 46KW, Italy, TPH1, 2012

Niederkofler Heinrich, 610m, 85KW, Italy, TPH1, 2011

Allrissbach, 356m, 390KW, Italy, TPH2, 2011

Cisles, 205m, 716KW, Italy, TPH2, 2011

Innerbichler, 330m, 563KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

Auneja, 262m, 882KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

EW-Weissteiner, 103m, 132KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

EW-Teufental, 285m, 262KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

Pircherbach, 400m, 690KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

St. Magdalena, 90m, 272KW, Italy, TPV4, 2010

Energiege. Oberland, 208m, 700KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

Bärentalerhof, 110m, 29KW, Italy, TPH1, 2010

Con. Walder & Mairhofer, 336m, 265KW, Italy, TPH2, 2009

Comune Ivano-Fracena, 148m, 28KW, Italy, ETW-TPH1, 2008

Plauseralm, 165m, 68KW, Italy, TPH1, 2008

Genossen. Corvara, 160m, 30KW, Italy, ETW-TPH1, 2008

Gasser Domenico, 160m, 19KW, Italy, TPH1, 2007

Moarhof, 465m, 47KW, Italy, TPH1, 2007

Interessenza La Villa, 138m, 38KW, Italy, TPH1, 2007

Gasser Herrmann, 46,7m, 12KW, Italy, TPH1, 2006

Lafojermüllerhof, 90m, 35KW, Italy, TPH2, 2006

Waldinger, 165m, 1171KW, Italy, TPH2, 2006

BIERI GmbH, 140m, 232KW, Switzerland, TPH2, 2005

Erlacher Tone, 220m, 65KW, Italy, TPH1, 2005

Eishöfe Pfossental, 161m, 34KW, Italy, TPH1, 2004

Pidig, 138,5m, 608KW, Italy, TPH2, 2003

Clara Pius, 94m, 24KW, Italy, TPH1, 2002

Baur Josef & Co. KG, 348m, 374KW, Italy, TPH2, 2001

Le Dla Creda, 107m, 23KW, Italy, TPH1, 2000

Einhauser-Locher, 121m, 25KW, Italy, TPH1, 1998

Thaler, 48m, 15KW, Italy, TPV4, 1998

Aberstückl, 331m, 25KW, Italy, TPH1, 1997

Schanung Josef, 83m, 24KW, Italy, TPH1, 1997

Pederhütte, 83m, 57KW, Italy, TPH2, 1995

Interessenza La Villa, 138m, 38KW, Italy, TPH1, 1995

Idro. Preroman SpA, 238,6m, 1155KW, Italy, TPH2, 1994

Commun. Vintl, 600m, 311KW, Italy, ETW-TPH1, 1994

S.A.B.I. OHG, 49m, 24KW, Italy, TPV4, 1994

Rif. Lavarella, 49m, 24KW, Italy, TPV4, 1994

E-Werk Wengen, 95m, 240KW, Italy, TPH2, 1993

Tristenbach, 298m, 305KW, Italy, TPH2, 1992

Eisath Johann, 28m, 21KW, Italy, TPV6, 1992

Stegerhof, 196m, 23KW, Italy, TPH1, 1992

Comm. Corvara, 160m, 30KW, Italy, ETW-TPH1, 1990

Hotel Dolomiti, 92m, 46KW, Italy, TPH2, 1990

Kerschbaumer Josef, 127m, 14KW, Italy, TPH1, 1990

S.A.B.I. OHG, 270m, 63KW, Italy, TPH1, 1988

Obkircher Nikolaus, 132m, 22KW, Italy, TPH1, 1988

Rifugio Scottoni, 150m, 28KW, Italy, TPH1, 1985

Kuenser Waal, 492m, 136KW, Italy, TPH2, 2017

Bristen, 178m, 429KW, Switzerland, TPV3, 2016

Sorniot, 129m, 171,10KW, Switzerland, TPV3, 2016

Delise GPH, 152m, 270,07KW, Switzerland, TPV2, 2016

Eppzirl - Seefeld, 102m, 179KW, Austria, TPH2, 2015

Hintertal, 197m, 190KW, Austria, TPH1, 2015

Tarvisio 2, 64m, 475KW, Italy, TPV5, 2015

Ahornach, 220m, 81KW, Austria, ETW-TPH1, 2015

Palüdbach 1, 233m, 555KW, Austria, TPH2, 2015

Walchhofbach, 193m, 137KW, Italy, TPH2, 2014

Burgstaller, 138m, 54KW, Austria, TPH1, 2014

Le Mase, 180m, 32KW, Italy, ETW-TPH1, 2014

Huberhof, 88m, 61KW, Italy, TPH2, 2013

Pfattner GmbH, 112m, 254KW, Italy, TPV4, 2013

Antrattbach, 325m, 652KW, Italy, TPH2, 2012

Seeb-Bach KG, 104m, 312KW, Italy, TPV4, 2012

Frenner Hanspeter, 49m, 24KW, Italy, TPV4, 2012

Kallmannbach, 284m, 224KW, Italy, TPH2, 2012

Loppio Energia S.r.l., 400m, 1109KW, Italy, TPH2, 2012

Getrum 2, 196m, 676KW, Italy, TPH2, 2012

Miara, 325m, 83KW, Italy, TPH1, 2011

Boden, 133m, 23KW, Italy, TPH1, 2011

Koflauge GmbH, 166m, 624KW, Italy, TPV4, 2011

Valtigelbach 2, 126m, 65KW, Italy, TPH1, 2010

Bar Sare, 68m, 83KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

Elektroint. Ellen, 175m, 123KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

Valtigelbach, 126m, 198KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

Almint. Versell, 129m, 245KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

Pircherbach, 400m, 225KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

Kirchbergbach, 201m, 176KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

Kraftwerk Pfattenbach, 170m, 246KW, Italy, TPH2, 2010

Trenkwalder Peter, 300m, 82KW, Italy, TPH1, 2009

Pederühütte, 76m, 65KW, Italy, TPH2, 2009

Capanna Alpina, 122m, 70KW, Italy, TPH2, 2008

Huberalm, 87m, 34KW, Italy, TPH2, 2008

Nischenbach, 310m, 164KW, Italy, TPH2, 2007

Getrum1, 103m, 361KW, Italy, TPH2, 2007

E-Werk Grammhof, 270m, 63KW, Italy, TPH1, 2007

Peraforada, 80m, 7KW, Italy, TPH1, 2007

Kreuzhof, 230m, 28KW, Italy, TPH1, 2006

Waldinger, 165m, 1171KW, Italy, TPH2, 2006

Müller Energie GmbH, 398m, 1600KW, Italy, TPH2, 2005

Abwasserkon. Hochabtei, 90m, 392KW, Italy, TPH2, 2005

Grones s.n.c., 165m, 72KW, Italy, TPH1, 2004

Ucia de Fanes, 72m, 109KW, Italy, TPH2, 2004

Pidig, 138,5m, 608KW, Italy, TPH2, 2003

Interessenza Castalta, 140m, 67KW, Italy, TPH2, 2002

Gemeinde Corvara, 260m, 60KW, Italy, ETW/TPH1, 2001

Messner, 170m, 17KW, Italy, TPH1, 1998

Marzoner, 137m, 25KW, Italy, TPH1, 1998

Erlacher, 85m, 18KW, Italy, TPH1, 1998

Aberstückl, 331m, 705KW, Italy, TPH2, 1997

E-Werk Weissteiner, 105,6m, 130KW, Italy, TPH2, 1997

Kircher Stefan, 123m, 19KW, Italy, TPH1, 1995

Ebner Gottfried, 112m, 29KW, Italy, TPH1, 1995

Idro. Preroman SpA, 238,6m, 1155KW, Italy, TPH2, 1994

Consorzio Getrum, 165m, 327KW, Italy, TPH2, 1994

Skiarea Miara GmbH, 320m, 67KW, Italy, TPH1, 1994

Leimegger Albert, 125m, 21KW, Italy, TPH1, 1993

Tasser Giuseppe, 75m, 35KW, Italy, TPH2, 1993

Elektrowerk Kiens, 320m, 360KW, Italy, TPH1, 1992

Az. El. Antermoia, 119m, 124KW, Italy, TPH2, 1992

Gerberhof, 51m, 23KW, Italy, TPH2, 1991

Hotel Posta Zirm, 87,6m, 185KW, Italy, TPH2, 1990

Unterkalmsteiner, 250m, 21KW, Italy, TPH1, 1990

Schatzerhütte, 325m, 28KW, Italy, TPH1, 1989

Felderer Hans, 123m, 10KW, Italy, TPH1, 1988

Badida, 280m, 280KW, Italy, TPH2, 1986


Francis turbines

pioneer and all-rounder

Some of our references:

TFSH = Francis-spiral turbine horizontal

(Name / customer, gradient, turbine power, type, delivery date)

Vitorchiano, 36,1m, 355KW, Italy, TFSV, 2017

Tarvisio 4, 21m, 154KW, Italy, TFSH, 2015

Ücia de Fanes, 16m, 35KW, Italy, TFSH, 2012

Punt de Fer, 41m, 495KW, Italy, TFSH, 2011

Gerin, 42m, 217KW, Italy, TFSH, 2011

E-Werk Ganner, 78m, 336KW, Italy, TFSH, 2010

Elektrowerk Untermoj, 31,5m, 40KW, Italy, TFSH, 2009

Wassermann, 66m, 389KW, Italy, TFSH, 2009

Weissenbach-Muls GmbH, 46m, 469KW, Italy, TFSH, 2008

E-Werk Rein in Taufers, 34m, 179KW, Italy, TFSH, 2006

SEA Gen.m.b.H., 45m, 158KW, Italy, TFSH, 2004

Pederoa, 36m, 91KW, Italy, TFSH, 2003

Pizzini Waltraud, 15m, 132KW, Italy, TFSH, 2000

E-Werk Kampill, 46m, 317KW, Italy, TFSH, 1995

Abwasserkon. Hochabtei, 29,5m, 163KW, Italy, TFSH, 1992

Wassermann, 19,5m, 33KW, Italy, TFSH, 1991

Hydroalpi s.r.l., 18m, 124KW, Italy, TFSH, 2013

Hotel Armentarola, 22m, 78KW, Italy, TFSH, 2012

Cestung, 12,5m, 35KW, Italy, TFSH, 2011

Gerin, 42m, 434KW, Italy, TFSH, 2011

E-Werk Ganner, 78m, 673KW, Italy, TFSH, 2010

Wassermann, 66m, 196KW, Italy, TFSH, 2009

Weissenbach-Muls GmbH, 46m, 236KW, Italy, TFSH, 2008

E-Werk Rein in Taufers, 34m, 91KW, Italy, TFSH, 2006

Heißhof, 8,1m, 23KW, Italy, TFSH, 2006

SEA Gen.m.b.H., 45m, 158KW, Italy, TFSH, 2004

Ploner Robert, 18,6m, 30KW, Italy, TFSH, 2002

E-Werk Pescollderungg, 15m, 168KW, Italy, TFSH, 1997

Colli Veronika, 19,5m, 24KW, Italy, TFSH, 1994

Abwasserkon. Hochabtei, 29,5m, 340KW, Italy, TFSH, 1992