carefully planned individual pieces with proven technology

Due to natural conditions, modern hydroelectric power plants are one-off productions. For this reason what particularly counts is the experience and skill of the power plant builder who needs to be able optimize the plant to the demands of its surroundings.

Each turbine is individually designed by us and constructed using 3D planning. The components are produced piece by piece in our own production hall using the latest CNC machines, programmed with CAD/CAM interfaces.

A well planned construction method and the use of selected quality products gives us the confidence to provide the customer with a flawless system in Sora quality.



tailor-made for each power plant

Hydroelectric power plants are distinguished according to their operating mode or drop height. In low pressure situations Kaplan and Francis turbines are generally used. In medium pressure situations all types of turbine construction can be implemented (Pelton, Francis, Kaplan), the high pressure range is the domain of the Francis and the Pelton turbine.

In power plants built by our company, depending on requirements we install either horizontal or vertical single or multi-jet Pelton turbines as well as horizontal or vertical Francis turbines, additionally we also employ Kaplan turbines.

Carefully selected components and materials increase the efficiency of our turbines, offer our customers the highest levels of safety and keep maintenance requirements to a minimum.
Precision manufacturing of the individual pieces in our production hall using the most modern CNC machines as well as the high level of the prefabrication prior to the installation guarantee high quality and short construction times.


Pelton turbines

particularly suited to the mountain environment

The Pelton turbine is primarily used in high drop situations. In a multi-jet version this turbine functions well even with lower quantities of water.

We build 1 and 2 jet horizontal or 3 to 6 jet vertical Pelton turbines. Optimum operating points and maximum efficiency are achieved through regulators especially adapted to the mechanical construction.

The sophisticated design combined with the high quality components of our systems provides our customers with security and keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum.


Francis turbines

pioneer and all-rounder

The Francis turbine (after the American inventor James B. Francis) is still the most widely used type of turbine and is employed in situations with an average drop and flow rates.

We favour building horizontal Francis spiral turbines, whose efficiency is being optimised and improved through the newest hydraulic forms. The special design of our plants reduces the use of wearing parts and thus minimizes running costs.

Seals have a maintenance free design, which in connection with our electromechanical actuators ensures that the plant runs cleanly.


Kaplan turbines

electricity production without retention

In 1913 the Austrian engineer Viktor Kaplan took a Francis turbine and further developed and patented it. It is ideally suited to run-of-the-river hydroelectric power plants using large amounts of flowing water at a low gradient without any water retention. It is therefore used in situations with low to very low drops and large or fluctuating flow rates.


Automation and control

advanced switchgear

Due to an operational merger and the successful cooperation with our partner company En-CO, we also supply complete power plant solutions according to the “water-to-wire” principle.
When implementing these projects we depend on the advanced switchgear from the company EN-CO.