clean energy for local users

The desire for independence from the major energy suppliers is a growing trend in many places. Sora Ltd. makes local energy resources available to local users.
As we see it, hydroelectric power’s great advantage over other renewable energies is its uniform availability, day and night. Due to its efficiency and the longevity of the plants, hydropower has proved itself extremely economical to run.

For the past three decades we have been building small, environmentally friendly hydroelectric power plants, precisely tuned to the customer’s individual needs.
As a company we design, manufacture, install and commission our power plants exclusively using our own resources, and can therefore offer extensive warranties on any equipment we install. Thanks to many years of experience and technical know-how Sora Ltd. also has the competence to be able to undertake the conversion or restauration of existing facilities.

With the interests of our customers in mind, whether old or new, we place special emphasis on the efficiency and effectiveness of the plants.



success through perseverance

South Tyrol has been blessed with wonderful scenery and inventive people, one of them being Kassian Sora. The company bearing his name started in 1983 as a one-man operation in a rented workshop in Chienes, at that time specializing in special purpose engineering.

With the completion of a small power plant in 1985, the company entered the hydropower sector. Motivated by its success, the company gradually developed into a competent partner for the building and renovation of hydroelectric power plants.

Today Sora Ltd. has over 30 years’ experience in the field of power plants and has become an internationally operating medium-sized company with more than 20 employees.



customized solutions

The Alpine region is particularly suited to the use of hydroelectric power as a clean source of energy, the potential of this power source in other environments is also far from being exhausted.

Sora Ltd. has responded to the current economic situation by developing its national and international markets and by supplying complete solutions. Thanks to the expansion of the business in January 2014 we are in the position of being able to supply power plants following the “water-to-wire” principle.

Through model testing and the specific engineering knowledge, the efficiency of our turbines is being constantly improved.



lean structure, extensive expertise

Sora Ltd. Guarantees its customers high efficiency and cost effectiveness. This can be put down to the expertise of our employees and the lean structure of the company.

Customers can depend upon their wishes and specifications being carried out using our extensive know-how. We deal personally with the customer without detours or long waiting times.

The fact that hydropower does not allow for mass production has a positive effect on our work environment. Employees appreciate their varied work which manifests itself in their long commitment to the company.

  Steindl Robert
  Steindl Andreas
Project Management
  Pramstaller Stephanie